Why Is Direct Mail Marketing So Effective?

October 3, 2018

You’re finally ready to start preparing your marketing budget when you are faced with one essential question: How should you market to your clients? While there are many options, from creating an online presence to focusing efforts locally within your own town, one effective option may get overlooked: Direct Mail Marketing.

While direct mail marketing may bring to mind images of junk mail and bills…this is exactly why it can be so effective. If someone is expecting to receive routine, every-day mail only to open their mail box and see a truly hand addressed envelope, what will they do? Open it, of course!

Personalized direct mail marketing stands out from the masses of traditional mail, so it gets opened and read. And if someone encouraged to read your entire message, they will be more likely to respond. It’s that simple! By sending a truly handwritten envelope and personalized letter, your leads will feel valued. This can help build trust and credibility within your community. And all of this can help you grow your business and connect with your clients!

At Rapid Direct Mail, we offer several mail piece options to help your message shine. From the casual feel of a yellow letter, to the professional appearance of a typed letter with your signature, we have options to fit any campaign. We can work with you to find the best fit for your target audience, and can even create a custom mail piece for your campaign.

We also hand address every single envelope. No fonts, no robots, just authentic handwriting. This personal touch helps motivate response and can boost the results of your campaign. We can even customize your envelope by adding seasonal graphics or your company logo. Want to include a coupon or insert to your mailing? We can do that too! At Rapid Direct Mail, you can modify your campaign to fit your needs. Since we hand assemble every campaign, we can accommodate custom instructions to create your ideal campaign.

For more information about direct mail marketing and how you can start your campaign today, call us at 888-662-6772.

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