First Class vs Standard Postage: Which is the Best Postage for Direct Mail?

July 19, 2018

At Rapid Direct Mail, we affix a sticky stamp to every handwritten envelope. This personal touch helps your envelope stand out, get opened, and your message shine! But which is the best postage for direct mail?

We offer both First Class and Standard postage. Both are physical, sticky stamps that are placed on each handwritten envelope. So what makes them different? Both First Class stamps and Standard stamps offer unique benefits that can affect your campaign.

First Class Postage


  • Quick delivery, guaranteed within five days (perfect for time sensitive lists)
  • Each envelope is postmarked which can establish trust and credibility when mailed from a local address
  • Available in several styles and colors, you can coordinate your postage with your campaign
  • Return mail is guaranteed


  • Since envelopes are postmarked from the location they are mailed from, your envelopes will have a Wisconsin postmark unless we ship the completed letters back to you for you to mail locally.
  • First Class stamps are more expensive than Standard stamps.
Standard Postage


  • Envelopes with Standard postage are not postmarked, so your leads will think you mailed their letter from your return address.
  • Standard stamps are cost effective while still keeping a personal appearance.


  • While you may still receive return mail, it is not guaranteed with Standard postage.

Both Standard and First Class postage can be a great option for your direct mail campaign. Simply decide which factors are most important for your campaign! For more information about our postage options and which one will work best for your campaign, contact us today at 888-662-6772.

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