Direct Mail Marketing for Health Clubs

August 30, 2018

Looking to promote your health club? Direct mail marketing for heath clubs is a highly targeted and cost effective way to reach out to potential members, and also retain existing clients.

To help you gain new customers, we can provide high quality, targeted mailing lists. We can filter for a variety of motivating factors such as income, age, health, gender, and more. Rather than spending your time and money on marketing to generic audiences, we can help you focus your efforts on those most likely to use and benefit from your services. To help you grow your health club membership and continuously generate new prospects, consider an ongoing campaign. We can consistently send your mail piece out to new leads on an automated schedule that works best for you. Just set it up once, and we take care of the rest!

At Rapid Direct Mail, we want to ensure you are getting the most out of your direct mail marketing. We provide a variety of unique mail piece options and can also help you create a custom mail piece. Even better, we will send your letters in truly hand addressed envelopes, each addressed by a real person. Coupled with a variety of envelope and ink color options, this personal approach will help boost your response rate and gain new members! Our mail pieces include postcards, yellow letters, color letterhead letters, and more! You can view some of our templates at our sample gallery.

Another great way to bring in new members is by offering incentives. Not only do coupons encourage brand loyalty among your customers, they can also help drive new membership. With your mailers, you can include an insert such as a coupon for a discounted membership, or even your trainers’ business cards. Each letter and insert is hand assembled, allowing you more freedom to personalize your mail piece and add as many inserts as you would like!

With highly targeted mailing lists and personalized mail piece options, you can start boosting your membership today!

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