Direct Mail Marketing for College Recruiting

August 21, 2018

Direct mail marketing for college recruiting is a simple and easy way to reach prospective students. In an age of technology overload, receiving a personalized, physical mail piece is exciting. Imagine a student trying to decide where to continue their education when they receive a HAND-ADDRESSED letter asking them to apply. Your letter could very well be the reason they choose your school.

The first step in creating a college recruiting direct mail marketing campaign is to build a list of prospective students. If you already have a list, then you are halfway there! If you need a mailing list, we can help you shape a list that suits your needs. By applying mailing list filters, we can help you create a list that will help target the households with prospective students. For example, we can search by income level, education level of the parents, or even for households where a parent has a specific career. Mailing list filters can help you focus your list and reach prospective students.

Once the mailing list has been refined to the leads you want to mail to, we can start preparing your mail piece. Here at Rapid Direct Mail, we have a variety of options for college recruiting, such as typed letters printed on full color letterhead and personalized yellow letters. Each option comes in a truly hand-addressed invitation style envelope.

Don’t just stop at letters! Send a fun postcard on vibrant cardstock to follow up with your list of students. You can also keep your name and information in front of your potential students by sending a multi-touch campaign. With a multi-touch direct mail marketing campaign, you can mail to your students several times, establishing name recognition, credibility, and trust.

Finally, have fun with your marketing! Give your future students a glimpse of what your school will be like and help them feel comfortable. Throw in some images or perhaps a couple testimonials from previous students to aide in their decision. Stand out from the crowd with personalized direct mail marketing and encourage your potential students to reach out and contact you!

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