Direct Mail Marketing for Cleaning Services

September 26, 2018

Direct mail marketing for cleaning services is a simple way to get your phone ringing with new clients! At Rapid Direct Mail, we offer a variety of mailing list filters and effective mail piece templates to help create a campaign that will suit your needs.

The most vital part of any direct mail marketing campaign is the mailing list. If you need a mailing list, we have you covered! By using targeted mailing list filters, we can help you find the right mailing list for your company. For example, we can run for people who work in specific fields or for leads within a certain income bracket. Looking for owners of large office buildings, hospitality businesses, or something else entirely? We can search your area to connect you with the most motivated leads. Of course, we can also use your own mailing list if you have one as well. Simply send us your list as an excel or csv file and we will take care of the rest!

Once the mailing list details have been ironed out, it’s time to create your message. At Rapid Direct Mail, you can customize your campaign to fit your company or your brand. You can choose between mail pieces that are more casual or more formal and can personalize each mail piece with your logo, signature, graphic, and more!

Each campaign can be modified to fit your audience. With yellow letters, typed letters, postcards, and everything in between, your options are nearly endless. We also mail every letter in a hand addressed envelope so your message gets opened! Personalized mail helps you maintain a competitive edge by making your message stand out in a crowd.

What are you waiting for? Advertise your cleaning service with personalized direct mail and get your phone ringing today!

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