Wet Ink Signature Letters

an authentic signature with blue or black ink

Wet-Ink Signature letters are simply letters that feature an authentic signature with blue or black ink. Perfect for businesses such as finance, legal, real estate and other professional services, Wet-Ink Signature letters are an ideal way to communicate with potential clients on a personal level. Personalized letters are mailed directly to potential clients in a plain hand-addressed envelope with an actual affixed stamp. This direct mail marketing approach features a customized message that is addressed to a specific person as well as an authentic signature to give the letter a personal touch which ultimately generates a response.

A Personal Approach

With this personal approach, recipients are much more apt to open and actually read your letter. The Wet-Ink Signature Letter package includes:

  • Personalized letters (including name and address) printed on white professional paper
  • Letter content customized with your message (Templates available)
  • Wet-ink signature hand-signed at the end of each letter (Blue or black ink)
  • Personalized hand addressed envelopes
  • Return address labels
  • Ability to include insert such as business cards, calendars, etc.
  • Choice of Standard or First Class stamp
  • Letters prepared and mailed on your behalf
  • Proof of mail

Wet-ink Signature letters are a great way to reach your potential clients on a personal level. Read what our customers have to say about using Wet-Ink Signature letters.

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