Premium Hand Written Letters

Mail is more likely to be opened when the address on the envelope is hand-written. Our premium hand-written letters significantly increase the open rate on direct mail marketing campaigns. By using our innovative hand-written approach, we provide you with a high response direct mail marketing plan that garners the high results you want.

Inevitably, when hand-written envelopes are waiting in mailboxes, the first thought is “Here is a real letter!” Because people are so used to receiving computer generated mail and emails, the hand-written approach is designed to invoke curiosity from recipients. Our premium hand-written letters use a person’s handwriting for the envelope address, return address and the content of the letter to ensure that our letters are opened and read.

Our hand-written direct mail delivers letters to your customers in the manner that mail was meant to be delivered. From the hand-addressed envelopes to the letters, your message is more likely to receive a higher response rate.

The Premium Hand-Written Letter package includes:

  • Hand-addressed envelope to increase open rate
  • Premium letters professionally reproduced with genuine hand-writing
  • Personalized envelopes and letters with the homeowner’s name and property address written by hand
  • Your contact information on the letter
  • Return address in a real person’s handwriting
  • Ink choice of red, blue or black
  • First Class postage stamp affixed to each envelope
  • Prepared letters can be mailed out or shipped to you for mailing

Spend more time with customers while we prepare your next direct mail marketing campaign. With Premium Hand-Written Letters, everything is done automatically to make it easy for you to spend more time with customers while we handle your direct mail marketing efforts. All you have to do is choose your marketing message and we take care of the rest. To further ensure your campaign’s success, we also offer follow-up letters to remind potential customers to act on your message or offer. To see how successful our other customers are with Premium Hand-Written Letters, read some of our testimonials.

We Know You will be Satisfied with the Results!

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