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Auto Dealers

Having a big sale or special financing promotion? Announce it with hand addressed direct mail marketing! Our personalized letters stand apart from traditional direct mail because we hand address the envelope and personalize each letter. Choose from a variable font letter (with variable characters making each letter appear handwritten), a signature letter or a postcard to announce your next special offer or event such as a sale or discount oil change.

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Collection Agencies

Why use a hand addressed envelope? A letter in a hand addressed envelope does not look like a typical collection letter or marketing piece, so recipients are more likely to open it.

Inside the envelope, the letter can be prepared with our variable font software that slightly alters the characters to give the appearance of genuine handwriting, or it could be a typed letter on your company letterhead with a wet ink signature signed to each letter by hand.

And keeping the message on the letter short can help increase the likelihood of the person taking the time to read it. This unique style of direct mail marketing for collection agencies provides a better chance of recipients opening the mail and responding.

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College/Higher Learning

Colleges and other higher learning institutions can use hand addressed direct mail marketing to quickly create a personal relationship with potential students. A hand addressed envelope increases the likelihood of the recipient opening the envelope, and inside the letter could be created with our variable font software or printed on letterhead from your university and then signed by hand with a wet ink signature. The message on the letter can be an invitation to speak with an admissions counselor, attend an event or tour the campus.

Our quick, consistent turnaround time along with a targeted marketing campaign can fill your pipeline with prospective students for both undergraduate and graduate school programs.

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Dentists can easily get in front of both new and existing patients on a regular basis with direct mail marketing. Letters are stuffed into hand addressed envelopes to improve the open rate, and with a concise message direct mail marketing is a proven and cost effective method for dental marketing.

With our Rapid Direct Mail variable font software we add variability to the characters on the letter, which means each character look different. The first letter ‘t’ is different from the second, and the third, and so on. This makes the entire letter appear handwritten, which can help to improve the response rate.

Another option is to use a professional letter on your company letterhead with a wet-ink signature, where we physically sign your name to each letter by hand as though it were your signature.

With either approach, implementing a direct mail marketing campaign is an outstanding way to invite residents new to the community to your dental practice and also stay in front of current patients.

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Financial Advisors

Our direct mail marketing for financial advisors includes a personalized, typed letter that we sign by hand with a wet-ink signature letter. Then we stuff the letter into a hand addressed, invitation-style envelope. We can include your letterhead on the letter, helping you maintain a professional presentation with your company logo.

We also have variable font letters which we or create the letter with our variable font software that adds variability to the characters, making each one appear to be handwritten. We then stuff this letter into a hand addressed envelope to help increase the likelihood the recipient will open the envelope and respond.

Our fast turnaround time can help you get your direct mail marketing campaign out in a less than one week and get your target audience calling you so you can quickly build your client base.

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Health Clubs

It has never been more important to have a strong plan in place for marketing gym memberships, and direct mail marketing can be an effective, targeted way to get in front of potential members.

Our 99¢ variable font letters and wet-ink signature letters produce a higher response rate than traditional direct mail marketing because they do not look like traditional direct mail marketing. The invitation style envelope is hand addressed, we put a live, sticky stamp on the envelope and then we tuck the flap.

The letter can include a special offer, such as a weeklong membership at no charge, a free one-hour training session or one month free with a 12-month membership.

Starting at only 99¢ per letter, our direct mail marketing in hand addressed envelopes can be one of the most cost effective ways to find new gym members.

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In today’s competitive market, it is essential to be a homeowner’s first choice when it comes to providing heating and air conditioning services. One of the best ways to stay in front of potential customers is with hand addressed direct mail marketing.

Our 99¢ variable font letters and wet-ink signature are an outstanding direct mail option that can help grow HVAC businesses. Your custom letter arrives in an invitation-style envelope personally hand-addressed to the recipient. Inside the envelope is a letter prepared using our Rapid Direct Mail variable font software. This software adds variability to the characters on the letter making it appear handwritten and improving the response rate.

We can mail your letters all at once, stagger the mail dates, and even send follow-up letters. Whether your mail piece includes a special offer for an annual service or a pre-season special discount, our complete marketing plan is designed to keep you top of mind when it comes to meeting the heating and air conditioning needs of local homeowners.

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Tanning Salons

Tanning salons can see immediate results when using direct mail marketing with the right content and offers. Our unique approach includes a hand-addressed invitation style envelope. As with any hand-addressed envelope, the recipient is curious about the contents and is likely to open it.

Inside, the letter is prepared with our Rapid Direct Mail variable font software that adds variability to the characters to mimic actual handwriting. The content is personalized to each recipient and can include a special offer to bring them to the salon. With a consistent marketing schedule of direct mail campaigns, you can quickly create a strong sense of brand recognition and be the first salon that comes to mind when they need your service.

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Cleaning Services

Housekeeping services and cleaning services can build their client list with professional marketing letters or yellow letters in hand addressed envelopes or postcards. Letter and postcards for housekeeping services can keep your message in front of your targeted mailing list, and that mailing list could be one that you provide or a mailing list that we provide.

Popular mailing list filters for housekeeping service marketing can include the market value of a home, the square footage of a home, the income level of the property owner and the age of the property owner.



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