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Customized High Response Direct Mail Campaigns

When it comes to finding business prospects, your hand addressed direct mail marketing campaign can deliver a remarkable 5% to 15% response rate. Compared to postcards, hand addressed yellow letters can generate 10 times the response at a much-less-expensive cost per lead.

A Unique Handwritten Approach to Generating Leads

Why handwritten marketing services work!

Why handwritten marketing services work! When a hand-addressed letter comes in the mail, most people will be curious enough to open the envelope. When they then spot their name and address in the enclosed handwritten letter, they are compelled to read further. Before they know it, they have read your marketing message.

Not only do our yellow letters get opened, they get read!

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Rapid Direct Mail’s Popular Services

Yellow Letters

Premium hand-written letters significantly increase the open rate on direct mail marketing campaigns…More »

Signature Letters

Wet-Ink Signature letters are simply letters that feature an authentic signature with blue or black ink. Perfect for…More »

Color Letterhead

Our Color Letterhead Letter simply takes the Signature letter one step further by printing the professional letter on your letterhead. Letterhead letters offer a professional appearance to generate more response from prospective clients. More »

Lead Lists

We will help you create a leads list using geographic and demographic criteria. When you order leads, you will secure your area(s) and become the exclusive owner of these and we will suppress the data for 6 months, which means we will not give these leads to our other clients. More »

Thank You Cards

Simply tell us what you want your card to say and we’ll write your card for you with a real person’s handwriting. We’ll hand address every envelope and personalize each card. We’ll also put a first class stamp on each envelope. More »


In an effort to offset the cost of the premium and signature letters, postcards and our 99¢ Letters are a cost-effective alternative. Postcards are a practical way – if done in the right way — to stay top of mind with your customers. More »

Automotive Marketing

If someone is in need of a car, make sure they know you are prepared to provide him with deal.

Dentist Marketing

We live in a mobile society. Introduce yourself to the new folks in the neighborhood.

HVAC Marketing

Regular maintenance is a key to keeping furnaces and air conditioners functioning well. Make sure home and business owners know you are a reliable provider of this service.

Financial Marketing

First people have to get to know a financial services provider before they place their trust in them.

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Customized Hand Written Marketing Services

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